Westervelt Renewable Energy focuses on the utilization of renewable raw materials to provide value added products. Our primary interest is the conversion of southern yellow pine and wood-based raw materials that are byproducts of forestry or sawmill operations. Our vertical integration with the Westervelt Company provides access to a strategically located and sustainably managed company owned land base.

Current initiatives...

Biomass Power Generation - A biomass-based combined heat and power project generates steam for lumber drying and the generation of public utility electric power. The project utilizes saw mill residuals and is supplemented by fuel from in-woods chipping operations.

Wood Fuel Pellets - Construction began on a wood pellet facility in Aliceville, Alabama, in January, 2012; production of finished pellets started in April, 2013. Destined for Europe where they will be used as a renewable fuel source, the pellets we produce are generated from forests certified to multiple sustainable forestry standards.

25x25 - America's Energy FutureUS Industrial Pellet AssociationBTEC - Biomass Thermal Energy Council